London joins the fight to #BringJoseeHome

#BringJoseeHome ( – As the battle to #BringJoseeHome rages on, London is the latest country to join the international campaign to save the kindergarten child from family court corruption.  As domestic violence victims, we were re-victimized by family court which allows abusers to use court proceedings to find the addresses and locations of victims.

Another case of  Manhattan Family Court Corruption is making international news. The case involves London is the case of the police officer and single mom LOUISE FIELDEN, who came to visit New York City only to have her infant son, Sam, be legally kidnapped and placed into foster care on Brooklyn. The cop/mom was arrested and has spent over $100,000 trying to get her now 15-month old son back. Nigeria was the first to join the American efforts, now a British invasion hopes to pressure New York City’s embattled child welfare agency, Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) to do the right thing and reunite me and my child.  Now London joins the fight as well. Thank you LONDON! It means the world to us!

I had the chance to interview her attorney about the case and was moved by the striking similiarities of her case, my own case and the Kelly Rutherford case. You can hear the interview below. LISTEN HERE:

To help me bring my child home, please call 212-788-2958 and ask De Blasio to #BringJoseeHome.


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