An Army of Strangers are Rising Up! #BringJoseeHome Tour took L.A.

#BringJoseeHome #LetitiaJames #KimKardashianSon

Josee used to go to some work events like this with but I still bring Josee with me in my heart.

(Josee’ – TORTURE: The feeling a mom gets when she’s somewhere without her child. People always say, your job is so cool. I always answer: “YEP. Motherhood is the greatest job on Earth.” Then they get mad when they ask: Have you ever met any celebrities? because I always answer: “Yep. My daughter JOSEE is the biggest star I know. She’s the most famous person in my life. She’s my inspiration.” But I never stay down very long because before I have a chance to feel it, someone does something that reminds me that we’re all in this together.

Who needs “celebrities” when you know that EVERY BABY IS A STAR! As the #BringJoseeHome tour hit Los Angeles, it was overwhelming to see that in a city where they see stars everyday they felt that Josee’s story should be on the big screen. One lady said, “I wonder who they will cast to play Josee. She’s a modern day Annie but the ending is different because it’s her mother whose fighting to bring her home. I can’t wait to see the movie because I know in the end that with all of us people around the country caring about this little girl, your baby is coming home. I  know it so I’m honored to hold this sign. Maybe I’ll get to play myself in the movie. Either way, it’s time to #BringJoseeHome.”


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