URGENT NEWS: Josee’s story sparked a Federal Class Action Lawsuit but the Settlement Offer will harm Josee and other children for decades

Notice of Settlement Offer - ACS


I was able to meet with the judge in the case – the Honorable Laura Swain – who said, “I’m very disturbed by what I’m hearing here today. It doesn’t sound like the lawsuit is addressing the ‘treatment’ of children in foster care. She ordered that a website be established to keep me and other parents in the loop of what’s happening.  The website was due by May 27, 2016 and is currently active, although it fails to provide the records, docments or other relevant information in the case for others to understand what’s been going on. Thank you ALL for your prayers, calls and letters. Please keep it up! We can reform family court and CPS.


(www.JoseesVoice.com) – I am personally disgusted that my child’s pain and suffering are being exploited by not only the City of New York and its embattled child protective agency, Administration for Children’s Services (ACS),  but also by the State of New York, Letitia James the New York City Public Advocate, profit seeking, ambulance chasing attorney Marsha Lowry and others.

As a reporter, People always ask me: “Which celebrities have you met? Which are your favorite?” I have met scores of them but to honest my two most favorite celebrities are my mom and Josee. They were born to have actresses portray them in movies.  This film is the only way we can get the truth out there.

As I work on my first ever film –  about Josee’s story and other children harmed by NYC’s ACS – we are about to start casting. It’s surreal to be able to cast for actresses for your mom and child. All of the actors are volunteering as is the film crew. While it’s devastating the reason why I had to make the movie,  but their stories are stores of TRIUMPH and BRAVERY. Josee’s going to come home. I can just feel it and her story will inspire so many. She’s the ultimate hero to me.

I love my child more than life itself. I literally adore her. She’s the type of person I’d want to know even if she wasn’t related to me. Josee’s touched by an angel and has the most healing spirit, but she’s starting to change. She’s becoming depressed, withdrawn and utterly sad. She’s bone thin now because of missing her mommy. I miss her so much I can hardly breath. But I have to fight for my baby. I have to fight. There are class action  hearings set for May 13, June and August. Josee and I have family court hearings coming but my attorneys never give me information on my case so I’m in the dark. I’ll let you know when I find out. Please try to attend.

Josee’s begging to testify in court. I think it will be good for her. She wants to tell the judge herself how she feels. She says her attorney tells her she’ll file motions on Josee’s behalf but she flat out lies to my child’s face. Josee’s Legal Aid attorney has yet to file a single motion, call a single witness or do anything to help Josee. So for now, YOU and I are all Josee’s got. We’re her voice.


I went on social media and began bringing awareness to Josee’s case and it set out a wave of conversation, other parents coming forward, over 50 media articles in places like Miami Herald, Associated Press, Washington Times and San Fran Chronicle to name a few. Over 300,000 have viewed the tweets. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful Josee and I are for your concern, prayers and love. We can feel it. We really can.

During this journey to freedom, my photo was featured as “Photo of the Day” by Yahoo! and was used as cover story photo for Michelle Goldberg’s incredible article entitled, “Has Child Protective Services Gone Too Far?” that appears in The Nation magazine. Josee’s story has taken her (via me) on radio shows, gotten recognized by Dr. Phil’s producers and more but ironically, not one person involved in Josee’s case has actually met my child. Not her attorney. Not her NYC CASA worker.  Not her now 12th case planner or the now fifth judge on the case. Not ACS. Not even the Mayor has bothered to meet my child, which is both unethical on the attorney side and inhumane.


Please help me speak for Josee by writing to the court to demand that Josee be allowed to testify, that all the evidence, not just what ACS presents, but also mine and the witness list that I have will be honored and allowed to be presented as evidence.

You can’t just steal a child’s life. But that’s what is happening. Help us protect children like Josee because the clock is running out. We’re really up against the wall and really need your help! TODAY. Call 212-788-2958 and tell Mayor de Blasio to “Bring Josee Home.”

Please make a sign that says Bring Josee Home and take a photo.  You can send it to me at @FalseAccuseMoms on Twitter or email famproject [at] ymail [dot] com

Thank you for supporting us. I know that with God’s grace and YOUR help we will BRING JOSEE HOME and work to end #FamilyCourtCorruption.

-Josees’s Mom


CASE NUMBER: 15-cv-5273 (LTS) (HBP)
Elisa W. v. The City of New York

Pretrial conference * set for on May 6, 2016

    * Rescheduled to May 13, 2016 at 2:45 pm
Judge Swain
500 Pearl Street
NY, NY 10007

Discovery conference on May 23, 2016

    2:30 pm
Judge Swain

    500 Pearl Street
NY, NY 10007

June 21, 2016

SCHEDULED DATE FOR AFFECTED PARTIES TO SPEAK IN COURT (but note ACS is buyign their way out so it will likely NEVER get to trial)

August 15, 2016
The case has NOT gone to court but there are ALREADY 160 documents filed with the court.

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