GOOD NEWS. BAD NEWS: Josee’s Law goes to Albany, gaining support

( – It’s been an emotional time. I’ve been robbed, spit on and physically assaulted by a crazy lunatic. I’ve had to file motion to terminate the horrible court appointed attorney – JUNE B. CALLWOOD – who was assigned in April 2016 but called me only three times – each from a blocked number and two of those times for no longer than a seconds. She is so unprofessional and uncaring. When I served her with termination of service papers, she basically said she wouldn’t leave the case. In fact, despite signing Affidavit terminating our relationship, she preceded to represent me in a hearing that I wasn’t allowed to participate in. June B. Callwood lied and said her office was at 305 Broadway but the landlord said she hasn’t been a tenant for most of the year. She said was going to set up a meeting with me, but I never met her at all. Couldn’t tell you what she looks like. June B. Callwood is listed as a licensed attorney in NY but no one I spoke to could tell me what she looks like.

I can tell you that I’m looking into malpractice because she was on the case for two months and never filed any of my motions. She didn’t file the motions I asked her to file to get an adjournment because she’d only gotten my files about three weeks before the hearing, didn’t have time to discuss the case with me, ignored my subpoena list of witnesses and basically sabatoged my case. I gave her Josees’s godmother’s contact information and she didn’t submit it to the court. She basically ran the clock out and God knows what really happened in court because she has not called to tell me if the motion I filed to replace her was granted or denied. She hasn’t told me what happened in court and it’s been TWO LONG weeks. I’ve called the court and they said (I recorded it): Call your attorney. They even made her call me from the courthouse which she called from a blocked number (I answered it only because they said she’d call in one minute). She screamed at me for five seconds and hung up.

But there’s been good stuff too. I met NY State Assemblymen like Keith Wright and they supported my fight to ask to reform Child Welfare in New York City and New York State. In fact, Assemblyman Wright – whose dad is a prestigious supreme court judge – even went on camera with his support. He’s running for Congress to replace Charlie Rangel so that’s a big deal. And, I met with an amazing Assembly member’s staff. They agreed there’s a lot that needs to be changed and asked me to submit “JOSEE’S LAW” to them to review. They’ve gotten back to me saying that there’s a chance that one of the assembly members they met with will CHAMPION Josee’s Law for the next term! How exciting.

We’re going to win this war, you guys. We’re going to #BringJoseeHome and #PassJoseesLaw. Think of all the children we’re going to save doing it! Thanks for being a part of Josee’s Village! We love you all!

– Josee’s Mom


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