GOOD NEWS: Josee’s Mom meets Jarrius Roberts and gets a hug from Michael Strahan


( – As the nation continues to be touched by Josee’s Mom’s seemingly endless fight to save her child, finally some good news. Josee’s mom was given tickets to attend the LIVE taping of Good Morning America but she wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“I walked in there with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Some days the fight is harder than others and today was really rough. So, it was nice to have an hour or two to take my mind off things and recharge,” she said. “I noticed Jarrius right away. I thought he was there to do some cute kid dance or something. I remember thinking, this kid needs an agent as he teased Michael Strahan who flubbed a line. “I thought you was a professional,” Jarrius said to Michael. It was so cute and natural. These two need a movie together their chemistry is that good.

But as time went on, I realized his reason for being on the show was bittersweet. He was hired as a social media reporter for the New Orleans Saints – signing his contract on the spot but he’s also fighting for his life with a very, very serious kidney issue. I lost a sister to the disease and I remember how she suffered. The thought of this sweet kid going through that was too much.  I tried to stop the water works, but I became very emotional. Jarrius’ postive attitude gave me the resolve I needed to power on and finish what I started.

I’m going to rescue my child from being wrongly placed in foster care. I’m going to Pass Josee’s Law to close loopholes in NYC’s corrupt child welfare laws. I’m going to get body cameras for social workers and get a law passed that every single foster kid in America gets a credit lock on their social security number so corrupt foster care pimps can stop stealing their identies. I’m going to #BringJoseeHome.

To make things better, Michael Strahan came over to me and said, “Come here you beautiful person.” He gave me a wonderful, warm hug and I honestly don’t remember the rest. I think I fainted. Seriously, Jarrius took a photo with me. His dad gave me a purple jelly bracelet with gold letters that read: “DO IT FOR JJ.” It dawned on me that the first “J” is for Jarrius but the second is for “Josee.”

With renewed faith and a clear vision, I’m on a journey to be the John Walsh of family court. I’m not stopping until Josee’s home, we’ve been made financially whole and the laws have been changed to prevent this from every happening again.

I’m also going to become an advocate for kidney disease and Jarrius’ charity. I’ve never been to New Orleans but it looks like it’s time for me to book a flight so that the BringJoseeHome tour can head spread our story where it’s needed most.


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