Be JoseesVoiceHELP RESCUE JOSEE: Please donate today: http://www.gofundme.com/tz6e3b56e

(www.JoseesVoice.com) – This blog was created by Josee’s mom who was asked by her child to help get people to hear her cry for freedom. Josee felt no one was listening to her and she was right. We hope you’ll get to know us from our blog and our efforts at reunification.


We are victims of domestic violence who were re-victimized by family court allowing our abuser to terrorize us and obtain our whereabouts reporting false allegations using the family court system. This is becoming a national trend where more and more abusers are getting respect in court despite being felony abusers.

This our story.

You’ll be able to learn all you need to know to make a decision to BE JOSEE’S VOICE. You’ll be heartbroken to know how many other “Josees” there are whose parents were victim of false and malicious reports and the children were thrown into kiddie jail. You will be outraged to learn that Josee should have been home over a year ago, that ACS forces me to sleep in airports when I have court hearings because they ignore the Family Court Act which requires them to provide plane travel, hotel accomodations, food and transportation to and from appointments, court, etc. If they do provide travel as ordered, they sometimes give me just hours notice despite knowing for months in advance when the court dates are. You will shocked to know that Josee has missed 20+ weeks of family services because NYC ACS pretends not to know when the appointment is. You might even get mad enough to BE JOSSEE’s VOICE and help rescue other kids who have been wrongly placed in foster care. When you find out how much money ACS makes on these kids each year ($300,000+ plus) and how they virtually offer NO HELP to birth parents to reform their lives or to fight false allegations.

It is a heartbreaking thing to do as a mom, but as Josee’s advocate – and as a parent advocate for others – I have to put my feelings as a parent aside and help her find her voice.

Please BE JOSEE’s VOICE. Purchase artwork or a t-shirt or donate to the GoFundMe to help us raise money for medical, legal and educational expenses for Josee.

Josee needs me and I need you. Please help my baby and me!


Josee and Mommy

Be JoseesVoiceHELP RESCUE JOSEE: Please donate today: http://www.gofundme.com/tz6e3b56e


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