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( – Josee is so excited that people are standing up to fight for child rights. As her mom, I want to thank each and every one of  you who has visited our page, followed @FalseAccuseMoms online, donated a Tweet using #BringJoseeHome or #PassJoseesLaw. I cannot thank you enough for retweeting or favoriting any of our posts. It often feels like an uphill battle but we are lifted up and encouraged by all of the people who are joining our movement to end family court corruption and to #BringJoseeHome.

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There are so many of you but a few people I have to thank publicly including social workers Rick Barinbaum and Karen Owes. Thank you to Josee’s former education attorney Randi Levine and everyone at Advocates for Children and Resources for Special Needs who helped me to get Josee’s IEP in place. Thank you to Ms. Solomon and Gillian, our Domestic Violence workers who helped us even after we left. I cannot adequately say how much your loving support has meant to us. I tell Josee about you all the time. Thank you to Moises Angustia, the case planner who vowed to help bring Josee home and was yanked off the case for doing his job. Thanks to Hannah and the staff at the District Attorney’s Urban Family Justice Center office for your theraputic childcare and amazing address protection program and for just listening to me without judgment. I was the first unofficial client at the new DV center. It’s beautiful!

Thanks to Jerry Seinfield and his wife, Jessica, for Baby Buggy. I was so honored to get set up for my child’s first year thanks to an amazing donation from Baby Buggy. Thank you to the New York Public Library for having such amazing children’s sections. Josee took her first steps at the Columbus Library. We went to the library at least four times a week all over Manhattan including 42nd Street, Murray Hill, Lincoln Center, Mulberry, Harlem, SoHo, Schumberg, Chelsea, to name a few. It was refuge from domestic violence. Josee learned to use a computer at just a few months old. She learned French and Mandarin Chinese at the NYPL thanks to Bilingual Birdies.

Thank you to Ms. Holland, R.N. and Mr. Marcus for being my tireless parent advocates. Thank you Mary Pat Hector for writing TWELVE letters on behalf of my child. Thank you Ife, a community activist in Detroit and Tony Herbert, a community activist of New York City for making countless calls. Thank you Chris, Lori and Anita. Thank you to my family and friends for their support. Thank you to professional athletes Amare Stoudemire, Tamika Catchings and Etan Thomas for your support. Thank you NYC Visiting Nurse, March of Dimes and the entire NICU staff at the hospital where Josee was born. Your parent suite allowed me to stay at the hospital for two weeks around the clock and feed Josee every three hours. Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you Scholastic illustrator Jerry Craft for donating tweet and your awesome books including, Who Would Have Thunk It, about foster care in New York City. Josee is so inspired by your books she’s working on a few of her own. A soulful thank you to actress Victoria Rowell for your incredible book, The Women Who Raised Me and for being so kind to my child when you met her. You held her at Hue Man bookstore in Harlem, put her cheek to yours and said, “Our souls are connected.” Who knew years later you’ve be yet another connection for us. Finally, thank you to actress Kelly Rutherford for creating Children’s Justice. A few years ago, I interviewed Kelly while she held her child on her hip and I had Josee in a stroller. Who knew years later we would be fighting to end family court corruption. Your work is so important and needed!

Thank you to Josee’s godfather who passed away just a few weeks ago. He literally died of a broken heart fighting to #BringJoseeHome. His doctor advised his heart was weak and stress could kill him. He knew the risks and kept fighting. He went to nearly every court hearing, made countless calls and wrote letters including a letter to the judge just days before he died.

Thank you ALL for being Josee’s village. We will never stop breaking our backs reaching for our pride!


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