THE VIEW had me in tears but renewed my fight to #BringJoseeHome

TheView_BringJoseeHome_Blackish_JohnCena_AmericanGrit ( – When I found out I was being given two tickets to attend a taping of ABC’s hit morning show, “The View,” I was excited but when I found out wrestling star JOHN CENA was going to be a guest during the same show my excitement went through the roof. Obviously, I’m a fan.

Lately, I have been turning down interviews, not attending events and otherwise walking away from my job as a celebrity reporter to return to my old roots of investigative reporting. Having your child #LegallyKidnapped doesn’t make you want to waste your day asking celebrities about their designer shoes. To be fair, I’ve never enjoyed red carpet reporting. I started covering entertainment and sports because my investigative work got dangerous.

Turns out no one like the person who is trying to uncover things that they have been trying to keep secret like the question that keeps nagging at me: “Why does New York City’s child welfare agency, ACS, have a bigger budget than the secret service?” I mean, we’re talking about ONE American city – not an entire state. NYC has only 11,000 foster kids so that’s like $350,000 per child when they say they only spend about $29,000 a year per child. That’s a lot of missing money. Continue reading

An Army of Strangers are Rising Up! #BringJoseeHome Tour took L.A.

#BringJoseeHome #LetitiaJames #KimKardashianSon

Josee used to go to some work events like this with but I still bring Josee with me in my heart.

(Josee’ – TORTURE: The feeling a mom gets when she’s somewhere without her child. People always say, your job is so cool. I always answer: “YEP. Motherhood is the greatest job on Earth.” Then they get mad when they ask: Have you ever met any celebrities? because I always answer: “Yep. My daughter JOSEE is the biggest star I know. She’s the most famous person in my life. She’s my inspiration.” But I never stay down very long because before I have a chance to feel it, someone does something that reminds me that we’re all in this together.

Who needs “celebrities” when you know that EVERY BABY IS A STAR! As the #BringJoseeHome tour hit Los Angeles, it was overwhelming to see that in a city where they see stars everyday they felt that Josee’s story should be on the big screen. One lady said, “I wonder who they will cast to play Josee. She’s a modern day Annie but the ending is different because it’s her mother whose fighting to bring her home. I can’t wait to see the movie because I know in the end that with all of us people around the country caring about this little girl, your baby is coming home. I  know it so I’m honored to hold this sign. Maybe I’ll get to play myself in the movie. Either way, it’s time to #BringJoseeHome.”

Why I’m SKIPPING the Super Bowl

SkippingSuperBowl.JPG( – As many of you know by now, I’m a journalist and mom with the latter being most important to me. Lately, I haven’t wanted to “go to a stupid game” as I keep hearing myself say. I’ve become nearly bankrupt commuting back and forth ONE THOUSAND MILES between where Josee and I live (apart) and New York City where I work and where all of the family court corruption is taking place.

Still, recently I forced myself to cover Steph Curry‘s only visit to Madison Square Garden to “capture the moment.” As much as I love the Curry family – especially wife Ayesha (have you seen her food blog?!) and the babies – I just didn’t want to go to the game because being around that many people – who could with one single tweet – bring a flood of support and possibly even help #BringJoseeHome feels like being encased with glass and screaming for help but nobody can HEAR me. Continue reading

London joins the fight to #BringJoseeHome

#BringJoseeHome ( – As the battle to #BringJoseeHome rages on, London is the latest country to join the international campaign to save the kindergarten child from family court corruption.  As domestic violence victims, we were re-victimized by family court which allows abusers to use court proceedings to find the addresses and locations of victims.

Another case of  Manhattan Family Court Corruption is making international news. The case involves London is the case of the police officer and single mom LOUISE FIELDEN, who came to visit New York City only to have her infant son, Sam, be legally kidnapped and placed into foster care on Brooklyn. The cop/mom was arrested and has spent over $100,000 trying to get her now 15-month old son back. Nigeria was the first to join the American efforts, now a British invasion hopes to pressure New York City’s embattled child welfare agency, Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) to do the right thing and reunite me and my child.  Now London joins the fight as well. Thank you LONDON! It means the world to us!

I had the chance to interview her attorney about the case and was moved by the striking similiarities of her case, my own case and the Kelly Rutherford case. You can hear the interview below. LISTEN HERE:

To help me bring my child home, please call 212-788-2958 and ask De Blasio to #BringJoseeHome.

BLESS THE BABY: God can’t get the glory if you don’t tell your story

 ( – As the nation gears up to celebrate the holidays, moms like me who survived domestic violence only to have their abusers use family court to terrorize them, know the pain of the holidays. Our children know, too.

When asked what she is thankful for in school, Josee said, “I am thankful that I have a mother.”

If you are just learning of our story, YOU HAVE NO IDEA how hard some people are working to keep Josee and me apart, but she does. Josee is hyper-aware of how hard I am fighting for her. She is aware how hard some of our advocates are fighting, too. Her statement might not be true if THOUSANDS of you had not called Mayor de Blasio, the courthouse and to the White House. We were apart on Thanksgiving but we are still a family because of God’s grace and people like Jo Natha Stock, Dr. Erich Z, journalist Tom Hays, photographer Babeto, Chris Pringle, Katrina Walker and many strangers who know our story.

Children like Josee are being used as pawns, wrongly placed in foster care and illegally kept there as punishment for moms who speak out and fight for their children’s rights. I had recently decided to be silent, but something happened that made me know that I cannot sit back and allow injustice to continue to cause hell for my child, myself and other families.

Last week, I was invited to an upscale dinner where about 20 or so other “bloggers, journalists and social influencers” met a dynamic woman named Katrina Walker, a domestic violence survivor whose story is so touching and profound that Rev. Sharpton hosted the dinner. I usually go out of my way to avoid political situations, but this dinner felt different so I agreed to attend. I am so glad that I did. Here’s why: Continue reading

DISGUSTING: Attorney under fire for helping to sabatog 6-year-old client’s due process and civil rights

( – Despite being aware that his client, Josee, is being railroaded, denied access to quality legal representation and her due process rights are being violated, prominent attorney Seymour W. James, Jr. is playing along instead of defending the child.

imageTo date, no one at his company – Legal Aid of New York City – has bothered to meet Josee. No one has filed a motion on Josee’s behalf even though the child has been victim of child ID theft, has had her SSI stopped because someone is earning income on her social security number and the child’s IEP has been severely violated. What’s worse, the child has suffered extreme medical neglect in the case.

“There are so many violations that Legal Aid is responsible for it’s hard to keep up,” said an advocate for the child. “It’s a shame that Mr. James would allow his reputation be tarnished by “going along” with the farse that Legal Aid NYC is involved in.

Josee’s mom, whose made national and international headlines for her one mom fight to save her child, says she is devastated for her child.

“My child has never met her attorney. Not once. She’s never met the CASA assigned to the case. They cannot even spell my child’s name correctly. There has been so many issues with my child’s name being spelled incorrectly the judge in the case issued an order that stated the ICPC – a document that would allow my child to come home – “must spell the child’s name letter for letter as it appears on the birth certificate.”

Continue reading

ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I’m ready to fight back thanks to Apple’s “Siri” and YOUR continued prayers!


( – When I asked people to step up and #BeJoseesVoice, I really didn’t even dream that it would be this emotional whenever someone stepped up. Each time someone steps up to fight for my child, I feel the wind leave my lungs. It’s the most bittersweet experience because how can a small child like Josee have to fight so hard for her freedom? How can you imprison a SIX YEAR OLD? Well, Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing exactly that. I’m ashamed that I supported his campaign. I’m disgusted that he’s not only forgotten to knock down the walls between the “Two New Yorks” but it’s like he’s building an iron fence to separate them.

In January 2014, he lied to America and promised to reform ACS’s Family Support Unit. He vowed that 3,200 ACS cases would be reviewed. Josee’s case is one of those cases. We’re still waiting. We haven’t heard a word. Continue reading