Pass Josee’s Law

#PassJoseesLaw( – It’s time to prosecute false reporters. It’s time to rescue children of falsely accused moms who are wrongly placed in foster care. It is time to shed light on the thousands of kids who are trapped in kiddie jail under “remands into custody” and praying to get “paroled” to their parents or guardians. These are actual terms used about kids in family court. It is time to open family court up to media professionals to ensure that corruption is exposed. It is time to lift the veil of secrecy. Josee and I never wanted this to happen to us but we can’t take it back even though we desperately want to. The best we can do is learn from it, not let it define us and try to prevent it from happening to another family.

While we lick our wounds, we are asking for your support. Call Mayor de Blasio at 212-788-2998 and demand he keep him promise to investigate our case! Demand he keep his January 2014 promise to reform the family support unit. Demand he ensure Josee get the help and services she needs. Most importantly, demand he #BringJoseeHome.

Please help us #PassJoseesLaw so this never happens to another child. To learn more about Josee’s Law, please go to and search “Josee’s Law”

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